about anomaly


Anomaly is a dining experience that focuses on a Modern Californian expression of seasonal ingredients. We strive to provide a unique and exceptional evening by transforming the familiar into something that is extraordinary, while maintaining a polished approach in a welcoming and engaging environment. We invite you to come see for yourself!

Mike Lanham, Executive Chef


Originally from Atlanta, Mike graduated with a degree in English from Auburn University and is an accomplished cyclist. However, it was through cooking that Mike always felt a deeper connection with the people around him. When he apprenticed at a friend’s restaurant in Atlanta, he often threw dinner parties for the staff after work. These parties pushed the boundaries of his comfort zone and usually yielded something special. He was so inspired by this experience that he decided to attend the Culinary Institute of America in St. Helena, CA. After graduation, Mike joined the ranks of restaurants such as Auberge the Soleil, Spruce, and Commis, and later returned to the Culinary Institute of America as sous chef of the Greystone Restaurant. Shortly after Greystone’s closing, he worked as a sous chef at Birddog in Palo Alto until suffering a 15 feet fall rock climbing accident and breaking his back. Thinking his career over, Mike evaluated his life and goals for the next months and pushed himself to recover. Finally fully recovered, he embarked to Europe to gain experience in Michelin-starred restaurants throughout Norway, Finland, and Denmark. He brought home a refined and modern approach, while taking inspiration in the classic and seasonal bounty of NorCal that was instrumental in defining Anomaly’s focus and taste.

Jose Rigau, Managing Partner


At the age of 13, Jose Rigau began working restaurant summer jobs in his hometown of San Juan, PR. At first it was something fun to do during summer to keep himself out of trouble, but his fascination with people’s interactions and with food kept him returning to the line of work every summer. He believed, and still does, that the best way to immerse oneself in a culture is through its food. He has always been passionate about art, photography, and design, but his interest in people and food drove him to pursue his Bachelor's at Johnson & Wales to major in Hotel/Restaurant and Hospitality Management. Feeling that there was more to study, he next ventured to Santander, Spain to complete a Master's degree in Tourism Marketing and Sales at the University of Cantabria. When he returned to Puerto Rico, he worked with the local government to develop tourism in the western region of the island. In 2007, he moved to Dallas for a position with Hillstone Restaurant Group, then continued his journey west at JW Marriott in Phoenix and The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, eventually settling in San Francisco in 2012. Here, he worked with the Bacchus Restaurant Group, helped Traci de Jardins open The Commissary and Arguello restaurants, and was manager at Stock & Bones restaurant group, before he finally joined forces with Mike to start Anomaly. Jose credits his success to understanding the dynamics between the kitchen and service ensuring that the whole house works as a team on one overarching goal: to provide an exceptional guest experience.